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Animal Sanctuary Spotlight: Chimp Haven

Chimp Haven In The Spotlight Crowdfunding Project with Chimp Haven Join Alison Eastwood to give chimpanzees used in research the sanctuary retirement they deserve. Chimp Haven Sanctuary needs our support in accepting newly retired chimpanzees. The sanctuary must more than double in size and secure the additional resources it needs […]

National Tiger Sanctuary in The Spotlight

National Tiger Sanctuary in The Spotlight National Tiger Sanctuary recently rescued five big cats from the performing industry. Branson magician Kirby VanBurch agreed to donate his animals and will no longer be using exotic cats in his act.  National Tiger Sanctuary provided a home for VanBurch’s lion, Merlin, in 2011. […]

Chimp Haven Sanctuary Spotlight

Chimp Haven Sanctuary Spotlight What They Do: Chimp Haven provides the chimpanzees with the freedom to make choices, live in large social groups in spacious habitats, see the sky overhead, feel the grass under their feet, and receive round-the-clock humane care and veterinary treatment.  Operating this kind of professionally run sanctuary for hundreds of […]