ERF Pet Fostering Application

Interested in fostering an ERF pet?

If you are interested in fostering an ERF pet locally in Southern California that has been rescued by us, please use one of the following Pet Foster Application forms below. If you are interested in becoming a pet foster in your local community outside of So Cal, follow these instructions here.

Foster Care Application PDF Form Download For Printing

User the downloadable PDF if you have any trouble using our online form. Download the form, fill it in, scan when complete and email it to us.


Foster Care Application
Name - Age - Relationship
Pet, Name, Age, Breed, Sex, Length of time

Volunteers/foster families accept liability for personal injuries or damages caused by a rescue dog/cat. Volunteers agree by signing below that working with animals is unpredictable and the utmost caution must be taken in caring for foster animals. While the animal is living with a foster family, it will remain the property of the rescue, Eastwood Ranch Foundation, and, therefore, all final decisions regarding the welfare of the animal will be the responsibility of this rescue.

By submitting this application for consideration, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures of Eastwood Ranch Foundation. Thank you for considering fostering a pet!