Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

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Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge



In early November Turpentine Creek was contacted to assess the possibility
of taking in 34 big cats from Riverglen Tiger Shelter. By mid november TCWR
moved 7 big cats. These cats filled all empty cages available. Also, in mid
November TCWR staff meet to size up the task at hand. RTS director’s health
becomes noticeably in decline along with repetitive request that her
animals stay nearby, preferably at TCWR. Fundraising began to accomodate
the needy cats. Plans were drawn up and by Thanksgiving construction began
in a 4.3 acre field, which soon inherited the name \”The Rescue Field\”. In
the meantime, a facility in Kansas was allowed by the RTS director to take
two tigers and two leopards. For weeks volunteer groups, staff members,
interns, intern alumni, all convened on site to use their skills and muscle
to save the lives of all the big cats at RTS.

I’m not joking when I say blood, sweat, and tears were free flowing during
this time. None of the building could get done without support from
volunteers and donors. People came from everywhere to volunteer and donors
from around the world gave what they could. Faith swelled. Determination
oozed, and miracles come out of it! By mid January TCWR staff began moving
cats and to date have built homes for, and relocated 19 big cats. There are
11 remaining cats to be moved (remember 4 went to Kansas). The RTS
director’s health has not stopped declining and the need to build more
cages and move more cats is becoming more urgent.

On January 31, 2013 it was announced that IFAW was going to do a matching
donation of $40,000! $36,000 for materials and $4,000 for veterinarian
expenses. TCWR staff again switched from rescue mode to building mode and
is now working full speed ahead building homes for the remaining 11 big
cats. Can you help us match IFAW’s generous gift? Time is running out due
to Betty’s declining health. We are on the way to our goal and wish to
fully utilize their contribution to achieve the mountainous task at hand.
Please donate again today. We will keep you updated.

Website:  http://www.turpentinecreek.org