New Habitat Boxes for Cats

Donate to Help the Cats of San BernardinoNew Habitat Boxes For Cats

New Eastwood Ranch Foundation Project

Give the SBC shelter cats a safe, clean habitat while providing visibility to the potential adopters and rescues.

About: Right now at San Bernardino Animal Shelter in CA, cats are given a dirty crate that people can not see into. Crates are meant to provide safety for frightened shelter cats, but they not only perpetuate the spread of disease, they don’t allow the public or rescues to see the cats; a serious… Read more

Impact: If we can provide these transparent, cozy, easy to clean habitat boxes for the SBC shelter cats then we can help get them not only adopted or rescued sooner but help keep the spread of disease down with a habitat that is far more sanitary and easy to keep clean. By seeing the cats, we can assess their health quickly and see if there are any possible newborn kittens as well. Each box costs $65, and our goal is to purchase 40 boxes.

Donate and help the cats of San Bernardino