Helicopter Ride To The Rescue

On August 18th, Eastwood Ranch Foundation received word 2 dogs needed some help finding new homes. The problem was that they were located near Lake Isabella with no way to get to us in Burbank. So we went to the Pilot n’ Paws website and posted a request for someone to fly the dogs from Kernville to Burbank. The first response we received was from George Azzi, who offered to not only fly Stubby and Trixie, but he also donated his time, the cost of the flight and the gasoline. You can even read the story in the local newspaper Kern Valley Sun here. We want to thank George Azzi and the Pilot N’ Paws website for their help in this rescue adventure and everything they do to help animals. Where there is a will, there is always a way!

Bentley is available for adoption…visit here if you are interested.